6 June 1982

Sun Jun VI

Up at 8 for a run with Murray T. Think I broke the record for the ‘Dead Tree’ run ie To the dead Tree at the top of a nearby hill. Went to Dairy with Sheelagh + Richard. After Lunch others go for a walk, leaving Linds, Stu, Vince, Vicki, Steph + me. Bar B Q for Tea, muck about, Pud for supper, Devotion then Possum shooting. 3 out of 3 tonight, Gary bags 2 and Mark Halliwell 1. Richard, Steve, Mark H, Murray Dwyer and me go to bed at 11.30. Kept up By Mark Cummings + Gary having their own private party with Sue + Steph. Steve goes and ‘borrows’ some ‘Milk Shakes’. From what I hear none of them, or the rest, get to sleep until 2pm+.

At over 120 words this is the longest entry in the entire diary. For some reason the fact that I was writing it up after the event, rather than on the day, seems to have made me more verbose. Or perhaps I just had a really good time.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember most of the people mentioned in this entry. Vince Gooding was probably my closest friend in the group, a year older than me, shorter but again sporting the beginnings of a disturbing moustache. ‘Linds’ was Lindsay Thomas, who was one of the leaders of Karen’s group. He was one of those annoyingly nice and good looking people with a perfect smile that always reminded me scarily of Donnie Osmond.

On the possum shoot we actually hung one of the dead animals from a tree and those without airguns got to shoot at it. It remains the only time I have fired a gun.

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  1. Hey Richard – came across this?? I’m VInce Gooding, whats yr surname. I was there, I remember it.

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