1 June 1982

Tue May X Jun I

First day of winter! Soccer practice. Played badly but scored one. Gr didn’t hit the roof when I told him I couldn’t play on Sat. Vs. AGS

I’m not sure whether June 1st actually is the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere, or whether I had just decided that it must be as December was pretty much the beginning of winter back home. It was definitely a down side to this trip that we did it the wrong way around and ended up having more winter than summer in 1982.

The rest of the entry looks like more ramblings of a deluded teenager, unable to see that, even in New Zealand, he was only a bit part player on the school soccer team. However, the ‘AGS’ referred to here was Auckland Grammar School, the other local boys school. Here was rivalry to compare to a Manchester or Merseyside derby. Except that United and City, Liverpool and Everton, were missing one other vital ingredient.


AGS was a school in two parts, a boys school and a girls school, run (so far as I knew) as two distinct schools. MAGS was, at the time, boys only (it has gone downmarket* since I left).

In other words, AGS had something which we didn’t, but which we coveted. Essentially, there was one school of girls being competed over by two schools of boys. Even allowing for the slight dominance of females in the general population, this was uneven maths to say the least.

Not that any of this particularly bothered me. At the time – and for a long time after – there was as much chance of me getting a girlfriend as there was of me getting my first period. But I knew that the rivalry existed. There were girls from the girls school in the youth group (including spectacularly unattainable twins named Rosie and Bella) so I knew that sporting contests between the two schools were like a local derby between the Montagues and Capulets.

Which is why I know that there was no delusion in this post. Because knowing all of this, I had chosen to go camping with the youth group rather than play football. I had learned my place.

*Though not as downmarket as the Girls Grammar, which now has a creche for schoolgirl mums to leave their kids in

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