29 May 1982

Sat May XXIX

Got beaten 11-0 by Kelston. Went to NZ – Watford p.m. Watford won 2-0 (2-0) (Blissett 2), both goals at our end. Got a Taxi home after waiting 1hr for a bus. Went square dancing with the Youth Group at Avondale. Camp Next fri.

Quite a busy day, all told. The football we can gloss over as briefly as I did in the original entry, as I don’t recall the game at all. Only once in the years that I played afterwards was I on the receiving end of a worse reverse than 11-0 and that was a fun game which got a bit one-sided and which I shall no doubt write about one day anyway.

The Watford game was my special trip out with Dad, the way that Karen had been to see Cliff Richard with Mum. I still think I got the better deal, even though it was just a warm up game for that summer’s World Cup finals. I remember standing and waiting for that bus (I am not sure it was necessarily an hour, but it certainly felt like one) and that it took us a few goes to even get a taxi. The ground we were at was predominantly an athletics stadium and they clearly were not geared up for moving a crowd of the size that attended once the game had finished.

Square dances were once all the rage as entertainment. I remember this one, held in one of those low village halls with large windows down one side that every community seemed to have in those days. However, I remember more the ones we used to have when my parents were foster carers and the local association would have one every now and then. The man in charge was a Captain Mainwaring type named Major Dom (thus achieving both a pun on ‘Major Domo’ and ‘Major Tom’ so obvious that even I got it eventually) who impressed me so much that I once embarrassed myself by calling for three cheers for him at the end of an evening. This, though, was probably my least memorable evening out with the youth group.

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