27 May 1982

Thur May XVII

Nice easy fitness session with Wong. Played badly at soccer. Had a letter from Gran saying Grandad had offered her a trip to Auck. for her Birthday.

As I have been writing this I have done the maths and realised that this would have been Gran’s 60th birthday. In the 1980s a trip to the other side of the world was still a pretty generous thing to be giving someone as a gift, even for a special birthday such as that and even if your youngest daughter and her family were temporarily residing there.

I am not sure how often my grandparents had been on a plane, but I am sure it can’t have been that often. In fact, I can only recall them making two trips abroad apart from this one, both in the 1970s. One was to the Canary Islands and one to Holland and I am pretty sure those were both cruises.

Quite what my parents thought of all of this I don’t know. I only found out much later in life that having Gran and Grandad to stay was pretty hard work for them. At this stage all that the four of us children knew was that two of our favourite people in the world would be coming to visit and we couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

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