26 May 2012

Wed May XXVI

Got to school and found the AV room Stockroom had been broken into and a video rec Taken. Mrs C called Cops, they came with fingerprint kit etc. Crooks had lifted skylight to get in, bust down the door, lifted the recorder and walked out a side door.

I guess that being broken into wasn’t any newer an experience for the staff at MAGS than it would have been for the staff at any school I attended back in England. After all, schools were chock full of the sorts of things that might appeal to criminals, such as audio-visual aids. We didn’t even have a video recorder at home, so stealing the one from school seemed like a huge crime.

Nine years later, whilst I was working in my first job as a lawyer, we encountered some pretty smart criminals. Offices in those days were not full of computers – I am not sure that we even had one – but there were other valuable things such as photocopiers.

These thieves broke in over a weekend (there was an alleyway – or ‘entry’ as the locals rather appropriately called it – running along the back of the building so it was easy for them to work unseen) and stole the two photocopiers from the office. They weren’t as successful as they could have been because they dropped the smaller of the two in the alley, breaking it beyond repair.

You’re now wondering why I called them clever, if they dropped and broke half of their haul. Well, they knew that we would have to replace the copiers, and pretty quickly. After all, that was the only way to produce copy documents in an office in those days, there was no running an extra off on the computer like we do now. So they simply came back the following weekend and stole the replacements. After that, we installed an alarm.

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