24 May 1982

Mon May XXIV

Back To School. BOO. Went to the Wine Shop with Dad + Karen. Lemonade + Crisps for Supper Yum Yum

Every child bemoans the fact that they have to return to school after a holiday, don’t they? Certainly I had had one of the most memorable of my weeks in New Zealand, both for good reasons (the thermal baths and the late night football) and bad (staying in a place which gave me nightmares, not to mention an afternoon with the house full of girls) so returning to school was always going to be a humdrum event no matter how good a scholar I was.

I don’t really remember the wine shop, though I do recall an off-licence type place somewhere near the chip shop. Being taken there by Dad and bought a drink and crisps is something that I don’t recall happening that often as children, no matter where we were living at the time. It was definitely an Event, though (you can tell this from the unusually enthusiastic ‘Yum Yum’ in the narrative!), and one which I am looking forward to replicating with my own son when he is old enough to appreciate it.

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