22 May 1982

Sat May XXII

Long trip home, but not so dull.

Went To Youth Group. Played storming the heights at 1 Tree Hill Vs Browns Bay. One BB Girl bust her arm. Came home filfy.

‘Storming the Heights’ was exactly the same game as ‘Capture the Flag’ in every respect except that there was only one flag, which was at the top of the hill and guarded by one youth group. The other youth group had to ‘storm’ up the hill and try and sieze the flag, then return it to their ‘base’ at the bottom of the hill. The team at the top of the hill protected the flag by ‘capturing’ their opponents, which basically meant grabbing hold of them.

From my point of view there were three problems with this game. First and foremost, I had never played it before and was too cowardly to ask the rules, though I got the general idea. Added to the problem of playing a game which you have not bothered to ask the rules of was the fact that it was only the second time I had spent any time with members of this youth group, so I didn’t have much of a clue who was on my team. Compounding that was the third problem – it was pitch dark and drizzly.

As I remember it, I was pretty quickly captured when we were the attacking side and then sat in the dark for what seemed like ages when we were the defending team. I do remember the girl with the broken arm being helped down the hill and that she had fallen whilst trying to run down it when we were attacking. Which in itself creates a puzzle. The hill was steep enough to cause such an accident, but you can’t play games on most of the side of One Tree Hill as it has a road running up it. This leads me to wonder if we were actually playing in the crater of an extinct volcano, and why I didn’t notice this.

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