21 May 1982

Fri May XXI

Went to some local thermal areas am. Had lunch, looked in at the Geothermal Info centre. Went to Cherry Island. It is dull.

The only thing that I can now recall about this day is that, at the Geothermal Information centre, I was suddenly seized with the urge to use the toilet for the first time since we had arrived in the area. I had, it seems, been thoroughly put off by the facilities at the bach, which resulted in something approaching this scene when we arrived* at the Geothermal place.

Cherry Island I have had to look up, because I remember nothing about it at all. From the description it sounds like somewhere we went to entertain Lisa and Kevin and I am not at all surprised that even the Geothermal Information Centre was more interesting to me than it. Bungee jumping hadn’t been invented then and, frankly, I am not surprised that the place closed!

*Without the laxatives, obviously. And I am pretty sure I used the correct bathroom

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