20 May 1982

Thur May XX

Played golf with Dad and Uncle Neil. Didn’t do too bad. 10 holes in 78. at that rate I would have been around an 18 hole in only 141!

Had lunch in a restaurant.

Went to the Aratiatia rapids by the hydro electric station. The to Woolies and –> Thermal Pools.

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to share a three- or four-ball with me should know that my awful golf started at an early age. In fact, you might argue that it has been downhill ever since this day, since this was the first time that I swung a club in anger.

One thing that I remember clearly about that round was that one hole had a raised green, which I first chipped the ball over, and then chipped straight back over the other way. Part of the problem was that I couldn’t actually see on to the green at the height I was then, so had no idea how hard to strike the ball.

My third attempt soared almost vertically, but came down on to the green. I climbed up after it, couldn’t see it and assumed I had overhit it again. That was when Dad and Uncle Neil directed me to the hole, in which nestled my ball. Hmmm…

Aratiatia is quite impressive. It is a dam at the top of a gorge. The water is held back and then released a couple of times a day, quickly filling the gorge.

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