17 May 1982

Mon May XVII

Gran rang up at 6.20. Guess who got out of bed! Went to the library at Mt A

Nowadays, it wouldn’t shock me too much if the phone began ringing at twenty past six in the morning. For one thing, my alarm clock now starts going off at 6.07 (long story, don’t ask) so I’d be at least semi awake.

In those days, the rule was that you didn’t get out of bed before 7am, even on a school day. Phone calls in the early hours were unheard of unless it was a dire emergency.

You might think, therefore, that the ringing phone brought the whole house running. That wasn’t quite the case. It was outside the room that Kevin and I shared, so I was the first there and, as it was Karen’s birthday, had I think already worked out that it must be someone calling from England to speak to her.

I remember that Gran was very apologetic about having got the time difference wrong and called an hour earlier than she had intended to. I loved – and still do – the irony of her having got Karen out of bed forty minutes early on her birthday, because Karen always was the worst riser of the six of us.

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