16 May 1982

Sun May XVI

Lisa’s birthday. Up at 7.20 – not too bad I suppose.

Everyone knows that teenagers like to sleep. I never thought that I was particularly like that until I came across this particular entry. Either I was already developing an aversion to early mornings or I just didn’t want the frenetic bounciness of a seven year old’s birthday to begin too soon.

In truth, I think that I was a lot better than most teenagers. I never had trouble getting up to do my paper round (I overslept at least once, but that was due to forgetting to set the alarm clock) or for early morning shifts at McDonald’s. There was certainly none of the lying in bed until the afternoon that many of my friends bragged about. Aside from anything else, there was plenty of television to watch before then!

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1 Response to 16 May 1982

  1. Karen says:

    No lying in bed until the afternoon because a certain parent would come round with the vacuum cleaner to get people out of bed!

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