15 May 1982

Sat May XV

PARTY – aargg!!!!

Stayed in my room watching Sport on One

There are upsides and downsides to having two sisters. One of the downsides is that birthdays tend to result in your house being filled with – whisper it softly – GIRLS.

One of the upsides, at least in my case, was that my sisters had the good grace to be born of adjacent days, meaning that joint parties were the norm and I only had to avoid the whole ghastly experience once a year instead of twice.

‘Sport on One’ was the New Zealand version of ‘Grandstand’ and my regular Saturday viewing whenever I could get away with it. I recall that we borrowed a portable television from someone – probably the Parkes’ across the street – so that I could hide in my bedroom for the afternoon.

You will note that I make no mention of the swimming trip that I went on that evening with the Rossgrove Youth Group. This is odd, because I enjoyed myself so much – it was the first time I had been to a pool with water slides, for one thing – that I spent the rest of the time that we were in New Zealand trying – in fact nagging – to go back again. Sadly, we never did.

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