14 May 1982

Fri May XIV

Went to St L’s in the pouring rain to replenish stox for the PARTY tomorrow

This is one of the more curious entries in the diary. The handwriting is appalling, even by my standards. To hazard a guess, I would say that for some long forgotten reason I wrote it whilst standing up and holding the diary in my left hand.

Writing the diary standing up wasn’t uncommon. It ‘lived’ on top of a chest of drawers just inside my bedroom door and so I often wrote it without really removing it from there. It never occurred to me that I was leaving it where everyone else in the family could – and hopefully did – read it. I certainly don’t recall having any great angst over the contents of the diary, largely because it never occurred to me to have any. Everyone in the family knew that I was keeping it and as I had not yet developed the goth-like teenage angst of later years I didn’t bother squirreling it away somewhere.

After all, it isn’t as if I was writing in any great detail. If I had been, I wouldn’t have been trying to piece together the narrative after all of these years.

About Richard

Just your less-than-average married father of one
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