7 May 1982

Fri May VII

Last day of term. Got out at 1.30. I suppose its been alright, despite the disaster with cricket, but I made the school soccer team which I’ve never done before and P3 W1 D1 L1 F3 A4 Pts 3 is better than N.L.S. have done

Oh, the disingenuity of youth. It wasn’t hard to do better than North Leamington School because, at that time and in my age group, North Leamington School didn’t have a football team. Although we played the game during PE lessons, there wasn’t a school team.

The year after I came back from New Zealand there was, briefly, a team for my year. I went to the trials for it but in a school approximately four times bigger I never stood a chance of getting into the side – not that I helped myself by being the only one there who was honest enough to  say that I probably wasn’t good enough.

In short, my first term had largely destroyed my cricket, but had given me a taste of the dizzy heights of the school football (or soccer) team. This all sounds rather humdrum and unexciting now, but back in the days of being a teenager with very few other things to occupy his mind they really mattered to me.

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