6 May 1982

Thur May VI

Old boys day. Watched the 1st Soccer XI get wasted  by the old boys 5-2, but it poured with rain. Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary.

MAGS was the only school I attended which had an Old Boys Day. It seemed to consist of various former pupils wandering about the school during the morning, followed by the entire school being given the afternoon off to watch various sporting contests between the current pupils and those who had left several years before. Quite why I thought that standing in the rain watching people I didn’t really know get beaten by people I definitely didn’t know, I don’t know, but I like to think that nowadays I would just slip off home.

The closest that I ever came to one of these games was when I played in Dave Winter’s Match at North Leamington School. This was a rugby match between the current First XV and a side put together by the rugby master Mr Winter from a mixture of current staff and former pupils who had been members of the XV the previous years. I sort of took part in two of these.

The first was in my final year at school when I was an unused substitute in a match memorable for one of the music teachers dislocating his shoulder whilst playing full-back. Aside from anything else, any hope I had of getting on to the pitch vanished when I had to lend my shirt to the famously sweaty Mr Robinson so that he could go on as a replacement.

The year after, I played in the first Dave Winter XV to lose for decades. I was very flattered to receive a letter asking me to play, especially as, this time, it was to be as a starter. It was good to play alongside some of my former team mates -not only from the year before (several of whom I still played club rugby with at the weekend) but some, such as Richard Beresford and Colin Aston, that I had not been on the same team as since junior school. Not that this made losing any easier, as we were thoroughly taken apart by a very good school side which included Laurence Boyle, who later went on to play professionally for Leicester Tigers.

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