27 April 1982


Didn’t do a lot. School dull as usual and Dl tried to kill us again

A few days ago I mentioned a classmate named Paul Molyneux and the fact that I had been seen playing football with him. Paul was a tall lad, possibly as tall as me although it was impossible to tell for sure because of the huge mop of curly, reddish hair which topped his head.

The year before he had been one of the star players for the school football team that I was now a part of, albeit at a younger age group. For some reason he had decided that he didn’t want to play this year – I wonder how often good young players are lost in that way? – and had effectively dropped out of extra-curricular sports altogether.

What he did do, though, was to very kindly give me his old school football kit. This was nothing special, just a plain football shirt in the school colours of sky blue with gold piping on the shoulders, shorts in the same colour (with the gold piping down the side) and sky blue socks with gold tops. It was a very 1980s design!

The important thing, though, is that this was kit which would have been purchased by the school back in England, to be handed out to whichever boys were playing that weekend and returned either for washing or a couple of days later after washing. In New Zealand it was an additional purchase to be made by the player’s parents and would have been one more drain on my family’s finances. Although I obviously had no idea of the latter point – as I have said before, to my parents’ enormous credit I was never really conscious of wanting for anything important – I was very grateful to him for this kind gesture towards someone unfamiliar with the system and have always remembered him with fondness because of it.

I even took the kit back home with me and wore it until it either fell apart or I grew out of it.

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