25 April 1982

Sun Apr XXV

1/2 Way Day! Electrician cam to mend the bathroom Light. Got Subbuteo out for only the third time since we arrived

One of the games we had brought with us was the version of Subbuteo which was kept at my maternal grandparents’ house. Essentially, this amounted to two teams, two goals, a ball or two and the pitch. It wasn’t much to carry, certainly, but I remember being rather surprised and quietly impressed that it had been suggested that we bring it.

The pitch was made of either cotton or felt, I can’t really remember. What I do recall, though, was that as my grandparents had picked the game up cheaply at a jumble sale, the pitch wasn’t actually a football pitch but a hockey one. This meant that I had had to mark the football pitch over the top of the hockey markings, using a blue felt tipped pen and a 30cm ruler. The results were effective but slightly erratic, in that one of the penalty areas was slightly the wrong shape and the touchlines did not quite run at right angles. It did the job, though.

In fact, the bigger problem was breaking the players. I did kneel on the Aston Villa number 7 at one point, but fortunately he could be glued back to health. As time went on I played the game more and more, even playing out my own version of the World Cup, so goodness knows how I would have occupied myself if we hadn’t taken it.

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