24 April 1982

Sat Apr XXIV

Played Avondale in the leauge and won 3-2 (revenge!!). Got clobbered by their centre back a few times.

This was the first time I had played for a school football team. At junior school I had been called up, only for the game to be cancelled and from then on I was exclusively a rugby player. Going to a secondary school which was so rugby orientated that it didn’t even have a football team then limited my chances further.

When it came to the second half I was itching for a piece of the action (so to speak).  Oddly, I can’t remember that much about the game, other than that we came back from 2-1 down at half time. Of course, I took this as proof that I should have been in the starting eleven!

I also had a minor role in the penalty which won us the game. By which I mean that I wasn’t the one who took the penalty. I was devastated at this. Not only was I the one who took the free kicks and corners, I was a pretty decent penalty taker, too. The problem was that, a couple of days before the game, Mr Gray had seen me taking penalties against another boy in my class, Paul Molyneux and had happened to walk past just as I missed one. He took this as evidence that I was unsuitable for the job of team penalty taker, even though he had not seen the kicks I had scored from and ignoring the fact that I was shooting at a (much smaller) hockey goal. Grr.

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