21 April 1982

TueWed Apr XX

1st Soccer match. Played Avondale (friendly) and lost 2-0. I played in the second half. Their right back kept clobbering Shane & Me and the ref didn’t see anything wrong with it!

Ah, the eternal lament of attacking footballers everywhere! The truth is that at that stage I really only had three skills as a footballer – holding the ball up by controlling it with my back to a defender and the goal, crossing the ball and taking free kicks/corners/penalties*. My ability to do at least one of those was rather inhibited if the referee allowed my opponent to simply kick me instead of the ball.

The Shane referred to was Shane Owen, who played centre-forward in every game that I played in. For some reason, he and another boy, Bryce Chapman, were allowed to play for our side despite being in the year above. I never did find out why. Shane was a decent enough person who, like most of us, just turned up, got changed and got on with the game. Bryce was the exact opposite, full of his own self-importance, always criticising and – eventually – the one person I have ever lost my temper with on a sporting field.

*I had added just two more skills by the time I gave the game up in my late twenties. I was a very slow developer.

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