15 April 1982

Thur Apr XV

Work Day. Did jobs for mum & Dad. At soccer scored 2 (out of 6-2 win) which makes 6 goals in 5 games!

I still bear the scars of ‘Work Day’. Literally. I cannot remember what jobs were lined up for me to do by Mum, but Dad’s tasks involved tidying the front garden – mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds and trimming the edge of the lawn using the hand shears.

Being the teenage idiot that I was, I decided to see what it would feel like if I stabbed myself in the leg with the shears. I took them in both hands and jabbed them into the top of my right thigh, just below the bottom of the shorts that I was wearing.

I was surprised at how little it hurt. So I did it again. This time I drew blood. Fortunately it wasn’t much blood, as I am sure that sticking muddy garden implements into your leg is a very bad idea at the best of times. It was not, as you can see, a terrible enough injury to prevent me from playing football later that day – I wasn’t exactly a  Dave Beasant.

What I am left with, though, is a tiny scar on my thigh and, underneath it, a small knot of hardened tissue where the wound healed. As self-inflicted wounds go it is a pretty rubbish one and certainly not one I am proud of. In fact, I think that this might be the first time I have told this tale to anyone.

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