14 April 1982

Wed Apr XIV

School. Did not a lot. Got soccer tomorrow despite Work Day.

That was our Easter holiday! None of the fortnight off nonsense that you get in the UK. We got Good Friday, Easter Monday and the Tuesday following, then it was straight back in to a new school term.

I remember feeling cheated at the time, knowing that I was having to go to school whilst my contemporaries back in England enjoyed a couple of weeks of lazing about. Of course, I wasn’t going to let a little fact like the extra three week break back in January, or the few extra weeks I would get at the end of this trip, stop me from whinging about how unfair it all was.

I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t a reasonably bright lad at this stage in my life, but if I decided that the whole world ought to be revolving around me then that was how it was going to be and no amount of logic was likely to sway me!

That said, it wasn’t the hardest of starts to the term. One day back and then a day out of school – the aforementioned ‘work day’ – when we were supposed to do odd jobs for our parents or others rather than go in to school. The scheduling seems odd, but I guess that if the school had not had us back for the one day they would not have been clear when the work was actually done. Or something!

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