11 April 1982

Sun Apr XI

Easter Eggs. Went to feed the ducks at Motat. Had Thikey for lunch. Stayed up watching T.V. Till 10.15.

Easter in New Zealand wasn’t very different to Easter in England, it seems. We went to a park to feed the ducks, we had turkey for lunch, we ate chocolate.

I can’t explain the dreadful spelling of ‘Turkey’ in the diary entry. It is as if I began it, lost my way and then just pushed on with making a hash of it until it was at the point of no return.

There is no mention of what I was watching on television. This suggests a rare occasion when I was allowed to just sit there mindlessly watching the thing for no apparent reason. At such times I would do my damndest to ignore all suggestions that I might like to go to bed, prevaricate as hard as I possibly could and generally outstay my welcome. I’m pretty sure that although I went to bed at 10.15 the attempt to get me to go to bed had been going on since around 9.30.

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