4 April 1982

Sun Apr IV

Spent most of today inside, ‘cos it poured with rain most of the time, so didn’t do much except read!

I have mentioned before that I used to read a lot, and I would probably do so now if things such as work didn’t keep getting in the way. On rainy days, wherever I was, it was always my second favourite thing to do. Being shut away in my bedroom, away from siblings who would annoy me and parents who were being annoyed by the siblings, I could plough through book after book.

My very favourite activity to do on a rainy day was, of course, watching sport. But either there was no sport on, or there were too many siblings also wanting to watch the television at that time. I am pretty sure that it must have been the former, because the latter would surely have resulted in a complaining diary entry. This one, by contrast, suggests that I was quite chilled out and happy.

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