1 April 1982

Thur Apr I

April fool. Dad got me by telling me to put an Extra dish of cat food out. Had Pd 5 off because we won the form tidy-up competition

I felt so bad at being caught out on April Fool’s Day. I am not sure that I had even realised which day it was, but I’m usually a bit more aware than that.

Of course, I had to get Dad back and eventually I did – 25 years later. That isn’t a case of revenge being served cold, it is just how long it took me to come up with a better plan.

I can’t remember what the ‘form tidy up’ competition consisted of, or how it was graded. I do remember winning it because I remember the sense of achievement felt at being able to walk out of school an hour before anyone else did. In fact, that is one of the things I remember most about my school days, the strange silence as you went through the school gate if you had to leave or arrive early. Normally, of course, arriving and leaving was a noisy affair as there were so many other people about, but when it was just you (maybe, as on this occasion, with a few others) it was all so much quieter and stiller.

Of course, it was usually a doctor or dentist appointment which had caused me to leave early, so it wasn’t that much fun really, but on a few occasions – like this – there was a ‘nice’ reason behind it. Those occasions are far more memorable.

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