26 March 1982

Fri Mar XXVI

N.S. Still not heard more about ‘A DOLLS HOUSE

A doll’s house? Have I mentioned this before? No, I haven’t. I told you there were some gaps in this diary!

I am referring, of course, to the Ibsen play ‘A Doll’s House‘, which the school drama society were putting on. I had been to an audition at lunch time a week or so previously. This is not mentioned in the diary and for good reason as, if I recall correctly, I was rubbish. I didn’t understand the play and was one of the younger auditionees, so unsurprisingly didn’t get a part. In fact, I think I was so bad that they didn’t even tell me that I hadn’t got a part.

I remember that the rehearsals were being run by the deputy head boy, Douglas Alo. In another quirk of memory, I can remember him but cannot for the life of me recall who the head boy was.

A decade or so later I began growing cacti and succulents. In the time since, I have had several aloe plants named Douglas. I have a simple sense of humour.

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