24 March 1982

Wed Mar XXIV

N.S. Big Thunderstorm. In fact it rained nearly all day. Ran Carrington Rd – Grt Nth Rd – Western Springs Rd – New Nth Rd – Carrington Rd in 45 mins 5 secs

Although my unprompted memories of life in Auckland tend towards it being sunny all of the time, it is true that there were some tremendous storms. By my calculation this run was about 10km long. I have never minded getting wet whilst playing sport, or indeed whilst doing anything – after all, I’m pretty waterproof – but this seems a little extreme.

I am now struggling to find anything else to say here. What else can you say about someone stupid enough to go for a six mile run in a thunderstorm?

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Just your less-than-average married father of one
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