23 March 1982


Cricket – 5 n.o. and 1-10. Not bad. Still only taken 5 Wkts (3 nets, 2 practice) and made 9 runs (4, 5no in practice) and am getting annoyed about it.

Dad bought us some chips.

I’ll skip over the cricket stuff except to mention that I was clearly getting a bit obsessed with my own performance even at the end of the season and probably should not have allowed it to become the major factor in my life that it obviously was.

The chips reference is far more telling. On the face of it there’s nothing that special about a father buying chips for his family of an evening. But you have to remember that my parents were raising a family of four on one salary and therefore a tight budget. Being able to buy us even a comparatively inexpensive little extra such as chips must have meant as much to them as it did to us.

Even now, fish and chips from a proper fish and chip shop remains a rare treat so far as I am concerned, occurring only two or three times a year. I did go through a period in my life when it was a more common occurrence, but I’m glad that has passed. I quite like it this way.

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