20 March 1982

Sat Mar XX

Went to Motat with the others + Grant. We went to Motat II, or Sir Keith Park Memorial Field, as well. ‘Sir Kieth’ is filled with old planes, including a VE I (doodle bug) and a Lancaster Bomber.

Somewhere, I have some photos of this day. Not many, though. As I recall, I spent far too little time looking at the attractions and far too much trying to take photographs, especially photographs of Grant, who had an infuriating talent for wandering just out of shot just as you pressed the shutter.

Of course, this was all photography shot on film. No digital camera giving you a chance to rethink your shot or delete the pictures that didn’t work. I believe that I was still using my 110 camera, which I had received for my 9th or 10th birthday. When I eventually locate the photos, and a scanner which will work in the correct formal, I’ll post some of them. I think I got some reasonably good shots, given my age and the quality of the materials that I was working with.

This was a very warm day and we were all walking about in shorts. It may have been coming towards the end of the first month of autumn, but it was definitely feeling more like summer. I think I felt that MOTAT was such a wonderful place and would always remember what was there, because on neither of my visits did I write much about it. The same probably applied to the Keith Park Memorial Field, too. Which is a shame, as I can’t now recall either in any great detail.

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1 Response to 20 March 1982

  1. AT says:

    Love his statue on Waterloo Place. Made Plus One come with me on a pilgrimage when it went up!

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