17 March 1982

Wed Mar XVII

Nothing special. ‘Found’ a tennis ball behind the garage.

I keep looking at this entry and every time I do so it completely baffles me. If nothing special happened, then why the cryptic entry about the tennis ball? What do the quotation marks around that word mean? Did I not find a tennis ball at all? Did I find it somewhere else and then pretend that it was behind the garage? If so, why would I do that? I find it all very puzzling.

One of the similarities between our home in New Zealand and our home in England was that both had detatched garages to the left of the house and set back beyond the end of the main building. In New Zealand, if I remember correctly, the garage ended pretty close to the fence at the foot of the garden, so if I did get behind the garage it was probably a testament to my extreme skinnyness at the time that I was able to do so.

Along the side of the garage grew a passion flower, which produced an abundance of passionfruit whilst we were there. I developed a taste for them which remains to this day. If you have never had fresh passionfruit with vanilla ice cream, or poured passionfruit juice over black rum, you have missed a couple of life’s treats.

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