15 March 1982

Mon Mar XV

Hit at everything in the nets, but apart from that not a lot to speak of

I am not sure why, but the diary makes no mention at all of one of the enduring memories that I have of this trip. During the Test match, Which you will recall had occupied almost all of my weekend, the spectators were allowed on to the playing area during the lunch and tea intervals, and also during the break between innings. I know that Grant and I did this, because of the autographs which we collected, and also because we bumped into another boy who played for the school cricket team, the wicketkeeper Bradley Wadsworth*.

What we didn’t know, however, was that a number of our peers were watching the game at home and had seen our perambulations. All day I was accosted by people keen to tell me that they had seen me on television over the weekend. At least one person had even seen the episode where Dennis Lillee signed my hat.

Most remarkable of all was that Mr Gibbs the German master commented on it during our lesson that day**. This takes us back to the fact that I was always astonished that my teachers had a life outside of school.

I can’t explain why this isn’t mentioned, other than that I must have written the entry up a day or two afterwards.

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*If nothing else, this was probably the first time that three MAGS cricketers had appeared on a Test match ground together!

**Another piece of the jigsaw – clearly I had German lessons on a Monday.

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