14 March 1982

Sun Mar XIV

Went to the test again, and got the autographs of Martin Sneddon, Geoff Howarth and Gary Troup. I don’t think Aussies like giving autographs somehow.

I remember getting Troup‘s autograph, this time on my scorecard. At the time he seemed huge, towering over me and with a bristling moustache to boot. I had already filled in the scorecard and as he signed next to his name he commented “Caught Border bowled Alderman – shocking” before chuckling.

The comment about the Australians was really directed at one player, their fast bowler Terry Alderman, who had rather rudely pushed his way past Grant and I as we tried to approach him. After all, their greatest player had signed my hat the day before, so it was rather unfair to tar them all with the same brush. That said, I never liked Alderman after that day and still feel a slight sense of resentment towards him even now.

Geoff Howarth was the New Zealand captain. There was a rumour that he was the stepfather of a boy in our class, Aaron Sunderland. Whether he was or not I never found out. Sunderland was a decent enough schoolboy cricketer and a bright lad who was later ‘promoted’ to the top form in our year, so may just have been making up – or at least failing to deny – the story to suit his own ends.

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