13 March 1982

Sat Mar XIII

Cricket. 0 batting 2-1-1-0 bowling and Alistair didn’t bowl me again! His captaincy cost us the game – one left hander kept hitting us behind Square Leg in the air, but A.P. didn’t put a man there until the game was past us. Their umpire was biased as well, and we only drew.

Then I went to the test match with Grant and got Dennis Lillees autograph on my hat

This is one of those days which will forever be ingrained in my memory. The cricket match comments are restrained to say the least. The comment about the umpire is particularly telling. Basically, he didn’t know the laws, denied us the wicket of the left hander mentioned because he didn’t know them, and generally made damn sure that his side won. Which is a hard lesson to learn at the age of 14.

Going to the Test Match made up for it in a lot of ways, though. We got to see New Zealand take the lead, Bruce Edgar score a hundred and, as mentioned, I got the autograph of one of the world’s greatest fast bowlers. It happened because Lillee was fielding on the boundary right in front of us. Other people were also attempting to get his autograph and proffering programmes, shirts and anything else they could think of. I think Grant encouraged me to see if he would sign my sunhat, and he duly did. I am pretty sure that after that the hat was relegated to a drawer under my bed, never to come out in case the signature wore off.

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