12 March 1982

Fri Mar XII

Nothing Special. Mum and Karen went to see Cliff Richard.

I still find it slightly strange that my little sister went to a live concert before I did. Admittedly it was ‘only’ Cliff Richard, even then the wrinkly-necked Peter Pan of pop music, but the fact remains that she went to see someone perform live a full two years before I did. For years afterwards I would claim that I had been to see Ultravox*, who were touring New Zealand at the same time, just so that I wouldn’t appear to be behind.

The enduring appeal of Cliff does baffle me. Many years later the firm I was working for recruited a new lawyer, who turned out to not only be a huge Cliff fan but the president of the regional caravan club as well**. I’ve never understood the appeal of caravans, either. I guess Cliff and caravans are well suited to one another, really.

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*Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that Ultravox’s ‘Rage in Eden‘ album was one of those stolen whilst I was at camp. It was a standard blank cassette tape onto one side of which I had recorded the album, which I already owned. I suspect that the other side contained the similarly synth-heavy ‘Architecture and Morality‘ by Orchestral Manouvers in the Dark.

**According to other women in the firm, she didn’t wash her hands after using the toilet, either.

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