6 March 1982

Sat Mar VI

Hooray! I actually played cricket, but I didn’t bat or bowl, so I’m still pretty cheesed off with Bn and Alistair Peak, but we still won. Dads birthday tea, ‘cos he’ll be late on Mon. Had a fondue – lovely – followed by triffle! Then games, ending in a rumble for dad.

This is a pretty unusual day, featuring as it does a cricket match that I have no recollection of at all. At a guess, the level of ‘cheesed off’ was pretty high and was born of not feeling that enough effort had been made to ensure that everyone who took part got into the game.

As I got older and began captaining sides of my own a central tenet of my captaincy became that unless we were playing in a game which really matttered – a vital league match, for example – then I would do my best to make sure that everyone who took part got to play as full a part as they wished. I hope that I have always achieved that, or at least tried to achieve it. It is quite possible that this view has its roots in this game.

We had a lot of fondues in New Zealand and they are still a very retro guilty pleasure of mine*. At this time the choice was meat or cheese (one or the other as we only had one fondue set) and I am pretty sure this would have been a meat one. In 1997 I went to Vancouver with Helen and discovered the joys of the chocolate fondue. When Caro and I got married, one of the meals we had on our honeymoon was all three kinds of fondue, plus a fourth that I had not tried before. It is still one of the most memorable meals I have ever had.

A ‘rumble’ was what the locals called what we called a ‘pile on’ back at home. Essentially, the victim lay on the floor and everyone jumped on them. I am sure that Dad enjoyed it really!

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*I’m also very fond of trifle. My tastes are quite simple, really

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2 Responses to 6 March 1982

  1. miles says:

    I would agree with your style of ‘let everyone have a go’ in less important games and never having played an important game with you as captain cannot vouch for you style in such rare games.

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