5 March 1982

Fri Mar V

Unpacked and discovered 4 cassettes missing! Told Mr. Wilson about it. Rhys Griffiths was seen with his mits in my Rucksack so who knows. Nothing else special.

I’m guessing that the unpacking must have happened the night before, and therefore the discovery of the missing tapes. I was really annoyed by this. In preparation for our journey to the other side of the world we had all recorded on to tape a selection of our favourite records. In addition, if I had bought any music with birthday or Christmas money I had done so on tape so that it could travel with me. To lose four of the precious things was bad enough, but it was exacerbated because I could not replace them until we returned to England.

One of the tapes was ‘Dare’ by the Human League. I had only had that for two months so was particularly upset to lose it. Another – far, far less trendy – was ‘Smash and Grab’ by Racey. The former I replaced as soon as I could on returning to England, the latter I never did find again. (I can’t clearly remember what the other two were, although I think they were taped versions of albums that I had at home).

Rhys Griffiths was a stocky lad, not a lot shorter than me. He had rather feline features, which led to his nickname of ‘Cat’. In fairness to him, I have no way of knowing if he was to blame for the theft or not. I hope he wasn’t. We were never great friends, but I’d rather it was someone that I actively disliked who stole from me.

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