4 March 1982

Thur Mar IV

Orienteering a.m. Still windy. Left camp at 3.14. Arrived MAGS at 4.30.

Went to the library in the evening.

And so the camp ended, with no mention whatsoever of how we filled most of the time. I really can’t remember what we ate, or who else was in my tent, or anything like that. There must have been hours which needed to be filled but none of it seems to have made any impression upon me, even allowing for the fact that I would have written up the diary upon my return home rather than on each passing day. Even I had more sense than to take a diary on a school camp!

I have tried and failed to work out just where we must have been from the length of the journey home. The preciseness of the timings suggests that I was not at all unhappy to be coming home.


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2 Responses to 4 March 1982

  1. R. Pantril says:

    The camp was at Shakespear Park, Army Bay, Whangaparoa.

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