3 March 1982

Wed Mar III

Very windy. Went Orienteering am. Tried to canoe pm but the waves were much too high because of the wind – so much for Dl’s ‘hardly a ripple’!

Mr D’Almeida was rather disparaging about our efforts to canoe through the waves. I am sure that they were not that high at all, but most of us had never sat in a canoe before this trip and so any wave of more than a foot high was something of a challenge.

Incidentally, I had sat in a canoe before this trip. I just hadn’t canoed anywhere in one. I did something in a swimming pool, probably during my brief time in the Scouts, which involved learning the capsize drill. Fortunately I didn’t need to put it in to practice in the sea. Even more fortunately, I don’t remember anyone else having to, either, as I don’t remember them being taught it at all.

The only thing I can remember about the orienteering is that I was one of the few who had actually done it, albeit less than a month before. Of course, that prior experience meant that I swiftly passed myself off as an expert and, coupled with the fact that I was already a decent runner over long distances, meant that I did reasonably well at something for once.

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