2 March 1982

Tue Mar II

Dl took us for a long hike. Went canoeing pm and didn’t capsize!

I remember the hike well. We were camped in fields next to a beach and the walk was around the surrounding cliff tops. There were two particularly memorable moments. The first was that Mr D’Almeida insisted that all of us had to do the walk, and this included a disabled lad named Christopher Scriven. Now, I am not for a moment going to suggest that the disabled should not fully participate in anything, but a hilltop walk in intermittent drizzle is never going to be easy for someone who has difficulty walking at all and I remember the master’s increasing frustration at the time that the walk was taking because we kept having to wait. In the end, one of the other teachers – it may well have been Mr Wilson, the deputy headmaster – decided that enough was enough and took Scriven back to the camp.

The second thing I remember is that we got lost again. It now occurs to me that Mr D’Almeida probably wasn’t a very good map reader.

The canoeing was, of course, sea canoeing and I really enjoyed it. Like orienteering, it is another one of those things that I tried in New Zealand and yet have never done again.

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