25 February 1982

Thur Feb XXV

Surprise Cricket practice. Tony was supposed to tell Mum where I was but didn’t. I didn’t get in until 6.15 and so Mum was wetting herself! Batted for 1 hr and was out around 20x. Went to the library.

One of the benefits that our trip to New Zealand had was that, to some extent, it relaxed Mum and Dad’s attitude to my timekeeping. Yes, I still got yelled at for being home late, but I realised that if I made the effort to tell them where I was they at least understood that I had made the effort. This was a far cry from before we went. I still remember the trouble I got into for being 15 minutes late home from Jonny Grimes’ house one evening, even though it was only on the other side of the playing field behind our house.

In fact, I realise now that the school had a very strange attitude to timekeeping indeed. Every daywas a precisely ordered one of bells ringing to move us from one place to another, but often the morning assembly would feature an announcement that that day was ending early, or the following one beginning late, for some reason that schools back in England would not even have contemplated as a reason to shorten the school day. We, of course, loved it, but it must have been difficult for parents, who never quite knew when their children would return home.


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