20 February 1982

Sat Feb XX

Cricket Cancelled – it poured with rain overnight – so borrowed the Parkes’ portable T.V. (portable? its got an 14″x12″ screen!) and watched the 1 day International (NZ 74 all out Aussies 75-2).

Mum offered L+K $1 ea) if they are good all week! Some hope!

The cricket being cancelled meant that I never did get to play for the first eleven. I remember my time in Auckland as being largely sunny, but an awful lot of rain seems to be creeping in to this diary.

I do remember being quite excited by this cricket match. After all, I had been at the previous Saturday’s game in Auckland, Australia had levelled the series in midweek, so not only was this game the decider, I was getting to watch cricket on television for the first time in almost six weeks. The result, therefore, was a huge disappointment.

I love the last line. It shows what a low opinion I, from the lofty heights of being fourteen years old, had of my five and six year old siblings!

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