19 February 1982

Fri Feb XIX

I win. If Tony isn’t fit, and he’s unlikely to be, I play in the 3A2 2 day match tomorrow. Great! Went swimming. Cuts on my feet hurt. Did H/W. Got library books A.M.

Sometimes the diary doesn’t quite reflect what actually went on. This is an example of me trying to put what would now be called a positive spin on events. What really happened was this:

After the trial yesterday, Mr Bean asked Tony Burton and I to come to his science lab during Interval. There, he told us that although I had bowled better during the trial, he was picking Tony because he was more experienced.

Now, that might have been understandable, except that before the trial itself – which involved both of us bowling at him for about half an hour – he had told us unequivocably that whoever bowled best would get promoted to the first team. I had comprehensively outbowled* Tony – and by that I mean no disrespect to him, he may have been the better bowler in the long run – and therefore deserved to be selected.

By moving the stumps like that, I lost all respect for Mr Bean. I’ve never worked out if it was because I was English, or because I wasn’t going to be at the school for more than a handful of games, or a combination of the two, but I never trusted him after that.

Added to which, Tony injured his leg at some point during the trial and it was still hurting him the next day, so he wasn’t sure if he would be able to play anyway. Which meant that I had been annoyed for no reason.

Nathan treated the cuts on my feet with gentian violet. I have vividly coloured feet for about a week as a result.

*Cricket geeks may care to know that, unusually for me, I bowled a reasonably consistent line and length, whilst poor Tony – maybe because of his leg injury – kept firing the ball down the leg side, much to the cricket master’s annoyance


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