18 February 1982

Thur Feb XVIII

Swimming Sports. Borrowed Jamie Davisons bike to get to Newmarket Pool! Swimming Great fun. Even a Staff team entered. David Baird got appendicitis last night and can’t play Sat. So Bn gave us a trial to see who would play with Able Moyer on sat. Hope its Me! Got some chips.

As with yesterday’s entry I thought that the swimming sports happened later in the term. Essentially, it was a swimming gala, with forms competing against one another. As a heretically poor swimmer of anything other than the backstroke, I don’t remember playing any real part in the event, but I must have done because I slipped on the poolside and grazed my foot in two places.

The bike journey was made all the more interesting by not having a clue where I was going. For some time after I had dreams where I was cycling lost through a city. I made it there and back in the end, though.

David Baird was the first team opening bowler, a left armer. As with Robbie Jessop he was in the year below me and thought to have a bright future in the game, yet this came to nothing.

Abel Moyer, with whom he opened the bowling, was another talented sportsman who went on to have a distinguished club rugby career.

The trial, taking place as it did after the swimming sports, was a bit of a disaster (and landed me in trouble for being late home again). It was supposed to be a straight bowl-off between Tony Burton and me. It turned out being the event which caused me to lose my respect for Mr Bean.

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