17 February 1982

Wed Feb XVII

Went to  a meet-the-teacher do at School (MAGS). A bit dull. 1st day as a librarian. What a cushy job! Swimming Sports tomorrow, so had a long swim with Tony. Tony came back home for 1/2 hr and won ‘Old Witch’!

One of the interesting things about going throught the diary is that it shows me that sometimes things happened at a different place in time to where I remembered them being. There are two examples here, both of which I thought happened later than they apparently did.

The first is the ‘meet the teacher’ event. I don’t recall the discussions with anyone apart from Mr D’Almeida. That conversation revolved around the elbow that I had broken/dislocated/mangled/wonked (insert term of your own choosing, really) less than eighteen months before, and what I could and could not do as a result of that injury. I remember that the conversation began because he thought that both of my elbows were like that, which is a scary thought in itself. The important point, though, was that he listened and, even though I believed at that point that he was a borderline psychopath, he did make sure that in future I didn’t do anything to cause further damage to that arm and bawled me out more than once for trying to do something that I shouldn’t.

Similarly, I didn’t think that I had become a librarian until much later. I got involved in that because Nathan suggested it. At the time he was spending some of the intervals working in the first aid room and some in the library, although he eventually gave up the latter in favour of the former.

The library was the newest building in the school, an enormous, airy annex to the block which also included the English department and the audio/visual room. I eventually ended up working in there four out of five lunchtimes a week I enjoyed it so much and it crops up a lot more as this tale goes on.

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