12 February 1982

Fri Feb XII

Trials. Got bowled 7 or 8 times by Andrew Bunter. Alistair thinks I play back too much. Bowled Badly. Bought a sunhat. Swimming.

Trains = 34

Not a lot more that you can say about this, really. I actually remember Alistair Peak, the second team captain, saying this to me and it is a comment which I find worming its way back to me every now and then when I am playing the game.

Andrew Bunter was a good player, mind. Being bowled by him was no disgrace. Being bowled by him practically every ball was, though. It looks like he’s a hotel manager now.

The sunhat, incidentally, makes a couple more appearances as the diary goes on. It looked a bit like this one, in case you are wondering.

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