11 February 1982

Thur Feb XI

P.E. with Dl (Don’t Care) agony. Left kit in Bc befor Interval, but Richard Hetherington found it and carried it through Inter, Pd3, Lunch, Pd4 before he could give it back! Tea with Parkes’ and swimming.

Trains = 33

This is something that I remember as if it was yesterday. Remember that none of my classmates had known me for a fortnight by this time and I was astonished that someone would go to all of the trouble of looking after my things for half of the school day.

Piecing together the school day from this shows that, on a Thursday, I had PE, followed by Science, the morning break (known as ‘interval’) then my two option subjects of German and Tech Drawing, broken by lunch, before form 4Bc got back together again for the final period of the day.

Richard Hetherington was one of the quieter members of the class, with dark brooding eyebrows and bad skin. He was one of those pupils who never seemed to be particularly close to anyone else in the class but who everyone got on with.

About Richard

Just your less-than-average married father of one
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