10 February 1982

Wed Feb X

Not a lot happening except no T/D because Mr Pw was away. No luck with pace at cricket practice so switch to spinners and Pow Get Francis Wynne Middle Stump! Went swimming with Tony. Did Kz + Gs H/W.

Trains = 33

Technical Drawing was taught by Mr Parr-Whalley (Pw), a young teacher with fair hair and beard. He was very tolerant, especially of the fact that in his entire class I was the only one who had no idea what I was doing. He taught me how to do ‘exploded’ drawings and third angle elevation drawings, which were the only respect in which I was ahead of the class when I began my Design Technology course on returning to the UK.

In these classes – which were one of the two optional classes and which were therefore not ones in which we were taught in our form groups – I was sat next to a tall boy with wild blond hair named Craig Tremeer. I have no idea why they picked him to inflict me upon and. although we never became close, we got on well enough and he was also a great help to me in this alien subject.


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