9 February 1982

Tue Feb IX

Pe with D’Almeida. Stretches, the whole works. Then To Orienteering. Great fun. Must go again. Did Homework – Stewart + Krzanich give us too much.

Trains = 32

If ever there was an example of a teacher who I both loved and hated, it was Mr D’Almeida. On the one hand, he was a bearded sadist who seemed determined to drive each and every one of us into an early grave through sheer over-exertion. He took us twice a week for PE and most of that time was spent on fitness training, I can only remember a handful of occasions when we actually played any games. But on the other hand, he was in his own way approachable, utterly enthused by what he was doing, and made me fitter than I have ever been in my life. He was to leave the school halfway through my time there, with the rumour that he had become national swimming coach (though I can find no evidence of this at the moment).

Orienteering took place in the Domain, the big park in the centre of Auckland. Dad and I went together and really did have a great time. I have not tried it since returning to the UK, which is a real failing on my part.

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