7 February 1982

Sun Feb VII

Went to MOTAT. It is great, and, as on the excursion of Jan XIII, didn’t see it all. When we got home mum is being the same as on Jan XXX. Watered the plants – water everywere

MOTAT is the acronym for ‘Museum of Transport and Technology’. It really was a great place, full of old vehicles and machines – definitely a ‘boy’ kind of place. I was disappointed that I couldn’t fit in a return visit when I was in Auckland in 2008 but there just wasn’t time to revisit every old haunt and even back in 1982 you needed  a full day to see it properly.

I don’t know what was going on with the plant watering, or why I deemed this special enough to write in my diary. It is a bit like the repeated references to taking a shower in that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary and I can only assume that I threw it in to fill up some space. Because I was at school and had homework to do almost every evening the entries were sometimes rushed, or written up on a later day, and so some padding was needed (or so I thought)

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