3 February 1982

Wed Feb III

Didn’t do much. At MAGS went to the cricket practice. Then came home and went to the library. Had a Hawaiian burger and chips.

Trains = 30

Cricket practice was run by the master in charge of cricket, Mr Bean. He was a cross between Falstaff and WG Grace, kindly if always giving the appearance of being chronically disorganised. And yes, as the linked article says, he really did drive a taxi outside of school hours (although in my day it was white). Whilst he and I rarely saw eye-to-eye (as will become clear) I remember him with nothing but affection.

Hawaiian burgers were enormous, a burger filled with all of the usual trimmings but also a ring of pineapple and, knowing the area, beetroot. I have never had anything like it since leaving New Zealand, but it was absolutely delicious.

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