31 January 1982

Sun Jan XXXI

Morning spent reading. Afternoon went for a run Home-Mt A-Park-Shops-Home. Did it in 16:58.3! Went for a walk with Parkes’. Fred + Les lent us a T.V. which did not work. Some friends of the Jacksons Mr + Mrs MainDonald came.

Trains = 26

I had taken up running the previous September. The inaugural London Marathon that year had caused a number of towns and cities, including my own, to start their own road races and Dad and I had entered the three mile run around Leamington that autumn.

I was never a habitual runner, though. I didn’t find it necessary to go out and pound the streets every day – after all, at fourteen you hardly lead a sendentary lifestyle, especially if your family has no car – so I tended to only run if I had an event to train for.

All of which makes this entry unusual. I don’t think I was running for anything other than something to do. Which leads me to think that it was not a run taken of my own volition, but suggested to me by my parents in the hope that I might get out from under their feet for a while. In which case they were probably hoping that I’d be gone for a lot more than a quarter of an hour!

(Don’t worry, I’ll get to the Maindonald’s later in the Diary)

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